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VOLUME 13 ~ NUMBER 4 - 2004

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  • Henning, S. “New light on the King Jinnaluo legend and Shaolin staff fighting”
  • Barnfield, A. “Traditional martial arts with a non-traditional population: Teaching the Deaf”
  • Secours, K. “Russian Systema flow training: A progressive alternative to stimulus-response training”
  • Loupos, J. “Taiji solo form: The benefits of group versus individual practice”
  • Finch, D. “Katagaruma: Judo’s spectacular shoulder wheel throw”
  • Toth, R. “Yagi Meitatsu discusses the not-so-secret techniques of Okinawan Goju-ryu karate”
  • DeMarco, M. “The way of brush and sword: An interview with artist Jia Lu”

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