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VOLUME 12 ~ NUMBER 2 - 2003

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  • Ko, Y. “Martial arts marketing: Putting the customer first”
  • Wingard, G. “Sport, industrialism, and the Japanese ‘gentle way’: Judo in late Victorian England”
  • DeMarco, M. “Taiwan, teachers, and training: An interview with Yang Jwingming ~ Part I”
  • Goedkoop, J. “1,000 swordmaking cuts: August events at the Kingfisher WoodWorks”
  • Cruicchi, B. “Larense Garrote: A Venezuelan stickfighting art”
  • Donohue, D. “Heiho: A tale of strategy”
  • Webb, J. “American judo pioneer Vince Tamura & Heiki-ryu Jujutsu”
  • Dykhuizen, C.J. “Sugawara Tetsutaka discusses aikido, Ueshiba Morihei, & the kagura-kotodama staff”

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